Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance involves the processes and procedures used to manage the business affairs of a company and includes the structure and balance of power between the management and board. This section provides bios of board and committee members, as well as charters and codes of conduct developed for the various committees.

Management Team
Name Title
Azeez Mohammed President and Chief Executive Officer
Brad Helgeson Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Derek W. Veenhof Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Matthew Mulcahy Executive Vice President, Head of Corporate Development
Tom Kenyon Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Owen Michaelson President, Covanta Europe
Paul E. Stauder President, Covanta Environmental Solutions
Paul Gilman, Ph.D. Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer
Ginny Angilello Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Joseph J. Schantz II Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer
Board of Directors
Name  Title
Howard Lance Chairman of the Board
Bob Preston Director
Elliot Laws Director
Katherine Ryzhaya Director
Seth Myones Director
Alex Darden Director
JD Vargas Director